Weekly Newsletter

Friday 21st June 2019  

Dear Parents and Carers,

This week our children have been using every opportunity to share their learning with adults in the school not only when carrying out assessments but during their break and lunchtimes too. It is clear to see how much progress the children have made and we are very proud of their achievements.

Over the last two weeks the school has taken part in Local Authority Moderation for the end of both Key Stage One and Key Stage Two. Representatives from the local authority have visited our school, looked over the children’s work and moderated our internal assessments for Year Two and Year Six. The moderators have confirmed how well our teachers know your children, and praised the sound judgements made of children’s attainment and achievement; whilst we recognise this here in school already, it is always good to have external validation to secure our own judgements.

Below is a summary of all other learning that has taken place in your child’s class this week.



In Nursery this week we have been reading the poetry book ‘Commotion in the Ocean.’ The children described the different sea creatures in the book. In maths we talked about time and timed how many fish we could catch in 1 minute - the most was 8. We have been making up our own tales in our helicopter stories sessions. The children also made masks and were superheroes in the playground. 

This week in Reception we have been reading about the story of Jonah and the Whale from The Bible and talking about what it might have been like for Jonah inside the whale. Children had the chance to interview 'Jonah' and ask him lots of questions about his experiences. In maths we have been practising reading the time on an analogue clock. We are also continuing our transition to Year One by starting to line up in the playground in the morning before school and waiting in the playground to be collected after school.

Year One

Year Two

This week Year One designed healthy snacks for Nursery. The children wrote a list of different fruits, before taking this into Nursery and asking the children to vote on their favourites. Year One then used this information to design a selection of healthy snacks for Sports Day. They are hoping to make fruit smoothies, fruit kebabs, fruit faces and fruit salad.

This week in Literacy we have begun our new story Captain Flinn and the Pirate Dinosaurs. We enjoyed it so much we have decided to perform it for our class assembly! We have reviewed it, re-told orally and are now planning to re-write it. In Maths we have been busy working on reasoning and problem solving with multiplication and division. For our final piece of assessment we also beautifully re-told the story of Dog on a Train and we are now relieved that all of our assessments are over!

Year Three

Year Four

This week Year Three have been working really hard on all of their assessments, they have tried their best on all of the tests and shown off just how much they have learnt in Year Three. They should be very proud of their efforts. This has not been the only thing Year Three have been working hard on this week though; they have learnt their lines and rehearsed all week to share their learning about the Ancient Egyptians with parents and the rest of the school on Friday.

This week Year Four visited the Southbank Centre for the last of our Arts Explorer Programme sessions. The children participated in two different workshops about Visual Art. They first learnt a about scaling up and graffiti writing and then spent time working with vinyl and shapes in the second one. The children greatly enjoyed being creative in this way.

Year Five

Year Six

This week Year Five have been extremely busy! Aside from assessment week, we have had taken part in three musical events.

On Tuesday afternoon and into the evening, the children were able to experience performing at the Royal Festival Hall and they were wonderful!  On Wednesday, the Year Five children were an excellent audience, watching the students at St Gabriel's College perform their Summer Music Concert using a range of musical instruments. Finally on Friday, the children returned to St Gabriel's, but this time to perform in the 'Big Sing' - certainly a wonderful way to end the week!


On Tuesday Year Six took part in the MusicTrax concert at the Royal Festival Hall.  It was an amazing experience to take part in the concert playing the pieces they have been learning in Music lessons, using Cellos and Violins along with children from other Lambeth Schools.   This week was also our summer term assessment week.  Children had the opportunity to show the progress they have made this year through their writing and science assessments.  In Science children continued learning about Evolution and Natural Selection and the work of Charles Darwin.   On Thursday Year Six led the Pentecost Service in church.  The children planned a mime of the story of the coming of the Holy Spirit on the apostles and led the reflections, prayers and singing.

This month we are focusing on the value of Goodness and the children below received a Head Teacher’s certificate in Monday morning’s awards assembly.


Mariama for consistently working hard on her reading and writing. Since Mariama joined our class just before Easter she has worked extremely hard, and can now read and write short sentences independently. Well done!

Geneva, for showing resilience during maths. Last week we were learning about halving numbers and Geneva found one question particularly difficult, but I challenged her to keep trying and when she thought about it some more she worked out the correct answer.

Year One

Ramiyah for showing goodness to the new children in your class. She has set a wonderful example by being welcoming and friendly both in the classroom and on the playground.

Kamiyah for an excellent start to your time at St John the Divine. She has worked really hard this week learning how to spell her name. Well done!

Year Two

Jason has worked extremely hard in maths; he is now able to read the time to the nearest 5 minutes! 

Cerys for showing goodness. Cerys always tries to do her best, even when it is hard, not just in her learning but also in her choices and the way that she treats other people. Cerys can always be relied upon to be responsible and work hard and be kind and is a great role model to her friends. 

Year Three

Hafsa for always being kind and helpful to other children on the playground. Hafsa let another child join in a game of hide and seek without them having to ask, she just saw they were looking a bit lonely!

Scarlett for helping other children when they get hurt on the playground, even if they are in another class Scarlett always makes sure they are being seen by an adult

Year Four

Shanessa for showing goodness by trying to make the right choice in a situation, especially on the playground.

Lourdina for showing goodness by always being honest and respectful to those around her

Year Five

Iker for showing greater goodness in his behaviour for learning, especially in maths when learning how to do short division

Raphael for demonstrating goodness in the classroom and on the playground – he is inclusive of all children when playing and works in a whisper in class

Year Six

Lily for carrying out extensive research homework, enabling her to complete a detailed explanatory text on evolution

Joel B for showing goodness through an improved attitude to learning – we can see that he is trying to be the best he can be!

A trophy was also presented to the following class for 100% Punctuality:

100% Punctuality

Year Six

This week’s house point totals are:









On a final note, you are all warmly invited to Mass on Sunday at 10am at St. John the Divine Church where they will be celebrating Corpus Christi and Windrush Day. Mass will be followed by a BBQ and activities for the little ones.

Kind regards

Mrs Warland

Head Teacher