Weekly Newsletter


Friday 22nd May 2020

Dear Parents, Carers and Children

We have come to the end of this half term – it will go down in history as one of the strangest half terms ever!

To end the term the children took the trip of a lifetime, travelling across the world to find out as much as they could about life beyond our doors. During the week the children took their passports and they visited Mexico, Japan, China, Australia, Fiji, and Africa. They created works of art, learned to write in Japanese characters, performed dazzling dance routines and mastered African drumming – it was quiet an adventurous end to the term!

Alongside this, we have been thinking about our well-being as part of Mental Health Awareness Week. Being in lockdown and not being able to go about our ‘normal’ lives has had an impact on how we are all feeling at the moment; sometimes we are happy and other times we feel miserable – that’s okay! We have been trying to make each other smile by sharing acts of kindness here in school; Miss Chowdhury made us all some delicious Bengali sweets, the children ‘socially-distancing’ shared their toys on the playground and we have packed a little something in an envelope for each and every one of you to make you smile. Do keep an eye out for a special delivery in the post!

In drawing the week to a close, the children observed Ascension Day, reflecting on this special event when Jesus returned to his Father in Heaven. Ascension Day also marks the beginning of an annual initiative of nine days of prayer, between Ascension Day and Pentecost, called Thy Kingdom Come’.  

Here in school the children thought about how we can help make God's Kingdom come among us.  We considered how, in this time that is very different from usual, there are people who are helping each other in so many ways; some help through prayer, others by sharing food or doing the shopping or by sending a letter or a card. We then thought about how we can do our part to show God’s love to others and we agreed to take part in the initiative’s ‘Pray for 5’ challenge where you pray, daily, for five of your loved ones. You can do this at home too, you simply need to follow the steps below:

  • Choose five friends to pray for
  • Take a piece of string, or a length of fabric and tie a knot in it for each person, praying for them as you do so 
  • Write your friends names down on a piece of paper and keep this safe with the string
  • Over the next nine days, take out the names and the string and say a prayer for each of your friends.

If you’re not sure what to pray, you can say The Lord’s Prayer whilst thinking of your friends or you can use the BLESS method to help you think about the needs of those you are praying for:

Body     - think about their health and energy

Labour   - consider the work they are doing, either in school or at home

Emotions - ask for peace, joy and patience in these difficult times

Social    - reflect on their friendship and what it means to you both

Spiritual - send hope that they may know God’s love through your actions

As we draw the term to a close, we have been looking back over the messages that children and parents have sent to us. We have loved receiving all of the work that has been emailed in and seeing the posts shared on social media, here are just a few of the highlights…




Do please keep sharing your learning with us in whatever way you can – it really does brighten our day when we receive your messages!

Next week our school will remain open to the children of critical workers and, on Monday 1st June we will, as it stands at the moment, be opening our doors to a few more of you. For those of you not returning, worry not, work will still be posted daily on your class blog for you to enjoy and we hope to be able to welcome you back soon.

Wishing you all a safe and happy half term break.

Kind regards

Mrs Warland

Head Teacher 

Thursday 19th March 2020

Dear Parents and Carers,

Partial School Closure as of 23/3/20

As you are aware, the guidance received from the Local Authority re children able to attend school from Monday 23rd March and until further notice (assuming they are fit and well and that no one within their home is self-isolating), are:

·         Children of critical workers in health, care, emergency services (including medical staff), social workers, Police, Fire &  paramedic staff.

·         Children of all school staff

·         Children in receipt of an Education and Health Care Plan (EHCP)

·         Children with an allocated social worker

·         Children of Parents & Carers who are drivers within the food supply chain

Other keyworker groups, including those who work in critical infrastructure, may be added to this list later and we will notify everyone as further information is provided by the government.  

To assist with planning, if you fall within any of the categories above, and your child will be attending school from Monday, please email admin@sjtdprimary.org.uk  by 1.30pm tomorrow (20/3/20) with the following details, alternatively you can complete the form below:

·  Your Child’s Name(s)

·  Your Child’s Class(es)

·  Your employment status 

·  The name of your employer

·  The name and contact details of your social worker (where relevant) 

All children attending St. John's from Monday must bring a packed lunch to school with them, please.  Children will be required to wear school uniform.  The school day will run from 8.55am to 3.15pm as usual.

For those children learning at home, we ask that children complete the learning tasks that will be sent home tomorrow.  As staffing and resourcing levels allow, we hope to be able to produce regular work packs for these pupils.  Arrangements re delivery/collection of these packs will be confirmed in due course.

Please note, that Breakfast Club and all after school clubs will be closed as of next week.

Finally, once advised, we will share information with those families entitled to Free School Meals how the school and Local Authority will be supporting you whilst schools remain partially closed.

We continue to hope for a speedy resolution to what is an incredibly stressful time for you all.  Please remember St. John the Divine will always help as we are able and allowed; please ask.  We look forward to everything being back to normal soon.

You all remain much in my thoughts and prayers.

Kind regards 

Mrs Warland

Head Teacher 

Partial School Closure

To help us plan for the partial school closure please complete the form below - responses are confidential and will only be used to help the school assess the number of children who will be attending

  • If you have more than one child, please select all classes that are relevent

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    Pick a dates.
  • Clear