Weekly Newsletter

Friday 14th  June 2019

Dear Parents and Carers,

Thank goodness God made us waterproof! It has been a week punctuated by downpours and we’ve spent much of the time inside or ducking from one part of the building to the other. Thank you for your patience when collecting the children during the rain showers – it has made our lives a lot easier. The rain has not stopped play this week. Nursery and Reception still went on their weekly jaunt to Myatts Field Park where they learnt about pattern making using natural resources, and the children in Year Five and Year Six took part in workshops lead by Growing Against Violence, a charity who work in both primary and secondary schools who engage children in honest, reality-based sessions, focused on teaching them how to make positive life choices and how to stay safe in the community.

This week our term dates for the academic year 2019 – 2020 have been finalised – a copy of the dates is attached to this letter. I would urge that you take note of these dates, especially when booking future holidays as leave within term time is not permitted.

Below is a summary of all other learning that has taken place back in school this week:



In Nursery this week we have been reading the story of ‘The Rainbow Fish.’ We made our own rules for sharing in class as Rainbow Fish shared his scales. We also talked about the feelings of the different animals in the story. In R.E we recapped and sequenced the story of Jonah and the Whale. In physical development we pretended to be different animals in the ocean and thought about how they move. In creative development we made our own jelly fish to swim in our role play area.

This week in Reception we have read ‘Commotion in the Ocean’ and have thought about rhyme and which sounds in the words make them rhyme with other words. We enjoyed reading about different sea animals and had a go at writing our own sea life poems. In maths we have explored halving shapes and numbers. 

Year One

Year Two

This week Year One have been preparing for their last assembly of this academic year.  As well as learning their lines, they have learnt a song about bees which they enjoyed performing to friends and family on Friday. Thank you to all those who could come and watch.

This week in Year Two we had lots of fun writing letters to Mrs Islam and Miss Warley! We made excuses explaining why we would no longer be able to come to school like 'I've gone on a treasure hunt' and 'I had to become an undercover pirate'. We then drew ourselves as pirates and used an app called ChatterKids to animate our drawings so that they read out our letters. In maths we have been spending lots of time learning how to read the time to the nearest 5 minutes and did really well. 

Year Three

Year Four

This week Year Three have been asking scientific questions about what plants need to grow. They have thought about the variable they will change and what will be measured or observed when planning their fair test. The children planted cress seeds and are testing how either the colour of the water, the type of liquid, the volume of water or the amount of fertiliser affects how the plant grows. We will be observing either the colour of the plant or its height. We are making observations every day and recording what we notice. 

This week in Science, we learnt about branching databases which are used to classify animals. We classified liquorice allsorts to learn how to use databases! We were only allowed to ask closed questions and had to keep asking questions until every sweet was either by itself or identical to the rest of the group.

Year Five

Year Six

This week in Year Five we worked on our Lady of Shalott newspaper reports in Literacy.   In Maths, we practised fractions, including multiplying fractions, and converting fractions between decimals and percentages.  Additionally, we are learning more about the Industrial Revolution, including positive and negative impacts, and the revolution of cotton spinning.


This week the children in Year Six began reading the ‘London Eye Mystery’ in Literacy and finding out all about London’s famous landmarks in our Topic lessons.

In addition, auditions for the Year Six production were held at the beginning of the week, with the script being revealed to the children today. They are very excited about learning their lines and performing to you all later on in the term!


Awards were presented to the following children, focusing on children who have being demonstrating the value of Goodness at the start of this new term.


Charlie, for showing the value of goodness by sharing toys and resources with his friends, and saying kind things about other children's work so that they can feel proud of what they have achieved. 

Lily, for showing the value of goodness through her friendship and support she has shown the new girl in our class. She has brought in things from home that she thinks Helen might like, and continues to be generous and patient with her.

Year One

Calvin for his creativity in Literacy this week. This week Calvin has enthusiastically taken part in carpet discussions and wrote lots of insightful questions for the Lonely Beast.

Iremide for an excellent start to the final term of Year one. Iremide has worked hard to develop his writing and this perseverance was reflected in his Literacy work this week when he worked independently on his interview for the Lonely Beast. 

Year Two

Paris for showing a growth mindset and resilience. Last week Paris faced some challenges in her learning, while making desert island sculptures in Art, Paris was disappointed that after the clay had dried it had fallen over, Paris used her resourcefulness to positively decide to turn it into a different feature, which looks fantastic!

Musa for showing goodness in the playground by being a kind and caring friend to his class mates, looking out for them, and trying to cheer them up. Well done Musa!

Year Three

Ehudel for demonstrating goodness to her classmates and to Miss Bowern, Ehudel always holds the door open for others, including at lunchtime which means she ends up at the back of the line to go upstairs.

Naomi for demonstrating goodness and kindness to a friend giving them a picture she had spent a long time drawing with Miss Garcia on Friday afternoon. Naomi also showed goodness to Miss Bowern writing her a letter with a picture and leaving it on her desk.

Year Four

Lourdes for her continued effort and perseverance during our maths lessons on division this week.

Shanessa for learning to be at peace with her mistakes in the classroom and understanding that they help her learn.

A trophy was also presented to the following class for 100% Punctuality:

100% Punctuality

Year Three

This week’s house point totals are:









On a final note, next week is Assessment Week. The children will carry out a number of tasks, Literacy and Maths based, with the purpose of showing-off all the skills and knowledge they have acquired this year. The observations form the assessments will be shared with you during your child’s open evening later this term.

Kind regards

Mrs Warland