Weekly Newsletter

Friday 15th February 2019

Dear Parents and Carers,

This week our school has been overflowing with love! As our value for the month of February we have been focusing on what it means to be loved, how God shows his love for us and how we too, can show our love for others. Aridunu, Year Two, wrote me a very persuasive letter at the start of this week, requesting that things should ‘change on Valentine’s Day’ and that ‘we should all be writing letters to those we love,’ reasoning that, ‘this would encourage people to love other people and people having to share love.’ So that’s what we have been doing! Alongside writing letters, the children have been posting ideas as to how they can share love with each other – there are some wonderful suggestions on our love boards which are on display in the front office for all who wish to see them. Hopefully you will have been benefiting from some of the ideas at home, including: putting your dirty clothes in the washing, smiling at your parents and giving them lots of hugs!

Alongside the writing of love letters, this week has been spent drawing together the children’s learning over the last half term. Below is your weekly summary of events that have taken place in classes across the school.



In Nursery this week we have read the fairy - tale ‘The Gingerbread Man.’ The children re-enacted the story using the puppets and wrote a recipe, listed the ingredients and equipment they needed as we made the gingerbread men which the children thoroughly enjoyed! We went to Myatts Field Park where we drew in the mud using sticks and went on a nature hunt. We also drew our favourite things in the park using chalk.

This week in Reception we have been reading ‘I Love My Hair’ by Natasha Tarpley. We have discussed what qualities we love about ourselves and others, and have enjoyed writing descriptive sentences about ourselves. In maths we have explored 3D shapes and unfolded various food packages to see how the 3D shapes were made.

Year One

Year Two

This week Year One wrote their own versions of ‘Naughty Bus.’ On Monday, they staged lots of different scenes with Naughty Bus around the classroom – he got up to all kinds of mischief! Later in the week the class used these pictures to help them write their own Naughty Bus stories. Year One have really enjoyed Literacy this week and have spent a lot of time thinking about interesting verbs and time connectives. 


This week we have finally completed our space books, by adding a front cover which has a lever enabling part of the picture to move. We have learnt about division in maths and have written lots of instructions on how to make Valentine’s Day cards, masks and how to play snakes and ladders. We also really enjoyed making a bug hotel for insects to live in in the school garden.

Year Three

Year Four

This week Year Three have been practising division with two digit numbers. They have focused on showing resilience and using trial and improvement to solve a problem. We have worked collaboratively on Convince Me cards to develop our reasoning skills. 

The Year Four children performed their class assembly on Friday, taking the school on road a trip across North America, sharing their learning with the school and their parents. We hoped you enjoyed watching! The children then visited the Southbank Centre in the afternoon to hear their part of the story on Tap and Switch read aloud as part of the Imagine Festival.

Year Five

Year Six

This week we have be honing our formal writing skills – we have written non-chronological reports linked to our core text ‘This Morning I met a Whale’ by Michael Morpurgo. We also spent some time in the garden, using mirrors to create & view sky gardens; this reminded us of how important it is to really look at our surroundings to see the beauty of the world in which we live.

The highlight of the week in Year Six was their trip to Canterbury to draw their learning on ‘The Canterbury Tales’ to a close. The children greatly enjoyed their day out, travelling by coach to Canterbury, visiting the Canterbury Tales Museum and finding out more about Chaucer and his colourful pilgrims!

Awards were presented to the following children, focusing on children who have being showing love to one another


Deborah for taking care of one her peers on the walk back from Myatt's Field park.

Rebecca for showing a caring nature towards her friends in class.


J'anae because she was loving to Emilia this week when she was feeling shy. J'anae always offers to play with her. 

Miranda because she was loving to Gabrielle by helping her with her work when she was struggling. 

Year One

Chris for his love of learning. He worked hard in Literacy to complete a detailed and funny retelling of Naughty Bus. The joy he takes from each learning opportunity is infectious.

Kamari for his affectionate nature. He is are empathetic and kind to his classmates and works hard to always make sure everyone around him is happy. 

Year Two

Cerys for always showing a love of learning especially in reading in literacy. This helps her to have a growth mindset and motivate and stretch her brain more and more every day.

Dehus for always showing a strong love for music in his singing and music lessons, his enthusiasm and joy is contagious! 

Year Three

Jamal for demonstrating love and forgiveness to another child on the playground, when Jamal thought that they were not following the rules of a running game Jamal reacted calmly and forgave the child even though he was upset.

Ashley for being a kind friend on the playground and in class. Ashley works well with all children in groups or with a partner. She is a considerate friend on the playground showing love by making sure everyone is included in a game. 

Year Four

Lourdina for showing love by using kind words and helping those around her in the classroom and on the playground.

Joshua for showing love by always giving his best smile and joke to everyone he meets, even when he is feeling down.

Year Five

Amen for being responsible, considerate and joyful in her actions and interactions with others


Year Six

Joel B and Elijah for participating fully in lessons and collaborating well with their classmates.

Trophies were also presented to the following classes for 100% Punctuality:

100% Punctuality

Nursery, Year Three, Year Five and Year Six

This week’s house point totals are:









All that remains is for me to wish you all a safe and love-filled half term! I look forward to welcoming you all back to school on Monday 25th February 2019.

Kind regards

Mrs Warland

Head Teacher