Weekly Newsletter

Friday 29th March 2019

Dear Parents and Carers,

This week the children have been showing off their maths skills in the Lambeth Sumdog Competition. Across Lambeth schools, 24 classes qualified for the competition, with 167 children taking part answering 32,587 questions correctly. The results for our school are below – we are delighted, once again, with the effort the children have made.

Top 10 classes

Year Two – 2nd Place

Year Six – 3rd Place

Year Four – 5th Place

Top 10 children

2nd Place – Serena - Year Four

7th Place – Josiah – Year Two

8th Place – Tunde – Year Six

9th Place – Raphael – Year Five

10th Place – James – Year Three

Daily Winners

Year Six – Daily winners on 26th March

The other big event this week has been the visit from The Cook School. Today the team joined us and children in our Key Stage Two classes all had a cooking lesson, learning how to prepare and make vegetable samosas. The smell emanating from the hall was heavenly! Sadly, I think the children have all eaten their efforts, but if you are lucky enough to sample your child’s samosa then I do hope that you enjoy!

Below is a summary of all other learning that has taken place this week.



In Nursery we have been looking at shapes in Maths; we went on a walk around the school and looked for shapes in the environment. We found lots! In literacy we have been inspired by helicopter stories and told our own stories and acted them out. At Myatts field this week we found some frog spawn and tadpoles swimming in the pond and we collected different objects and put them in size order.

This week in Reception we have continued to read non-fiction books about dinosaurs as we prepare for our trip next week. We enjoyed learning about the work of palaeontologists and even discovered a dinosaur dig site in the Early Years playground which was exciting! We have continued adding to our non-fiction book about dinosaurs and children have enjoyed contributing their non-fiction writing to our class book.

Year One

Year Two

This week Year One have been conducting a science experiment. They looked at lots of different materials and tried to decide which materials would best protect Humpty Dumpty when he fell off the wall. They used their knowledge about properties to consider which materials might make Humpty Dumpty roll, bounce or smash. Year One enjoyed seeing and using real eggs to conduct their experiment. 

This week in Year Two the children have been developing their creative skills by re-telling parts of the story, Madeline. In History we have learnt about who Rosa Parks was and why she is important. Also, we had two furry visitors for an afternoon; Miss Warley's dogs came to help us learn about how animals grow and what animals need to survive!


Year Three

Year Four

This week Year Three have been rehearsing hard ready to share their learning with you in their class assembly. They retold the story of ‘Escape from Pompeii’, described how volcanoes are formed and explained the role of archaeologists in uncovering the city. In Science, we have learnt how soil is formed and taken our own soil samples from the garden to observe how the layers settle, over time, when water is added to the cup. In Literacy we have been studying poetry and the imagery poets used to set the mood of a poem. We have written our own descriptive poems based on our pebble pet diaries. We look forward to sharing these with you. 

The Year Four children visited the Southbank Centre on Thursday for our Music Explore Day. We had three different workshops - singing, drumming and an interactive concert with the London Sinfonietta. We had so much fun being creative and exploring our musical sides!

Year Six

This week we continued to focus on different areas of Maths including arithmetic, algebra and measurements.  We enjoyed taking part in the Cook School activities on Friday and learning about how to eat more healthily.

We continued to reflect on the special season of Lent through our RE lessons in class, whole school assemblies, collective worship in class as well as the 40 Acts Challenge.  

Awards were presented to the following children, focusing on children who have being demonstrating the value of faithfulness.


Rayana, for working very hard on her literacy. She can now independently write sentences using her sounds, finger spaces and a capital letter. 

Afia, for showing faithfulness by always doing the right thing, even if other children try to distract her. 

Year One

Aliyah for her continued commitment to learning. She has tried hard during Maths this week, even when she found multiplication tricky.

Ayden for an excellent start to Year One. He has shown faithfulness and resilience during his first week at St John the Divine. During carpet sessions he is always one of the first to put his hand up and his contributions are always insightful and well-reasoned. 

Year Two

Fostina for being a loyal friend and being honest about her choices even though it meant missing 5 minutes of playtime and therefore encouraging friends to have faith in her.

Michael for encouraging others to have faith in him by always being a helpful hand in the classroom, taking responsibility over keeping resources tidy and in good condition.


Kai for demonstrating faithfulness during our visit to Church to learn about Holy Communion. Kai was able to explain the meaning of the different elements of Holy Communion and to suggest how things like the altar are represented in the story of the Last Supper.

James for showing faithfulness to himself and his learning. James has worked really hard over the last few weeks to improve his handwriting in all subjects, this is something he has found tricky but he's demonstrated resilience and has shown great improvement.

Year Four

Michaela for showing faithfulness by keeping her promise to herself to always write neatly and improve the presentation of her work.

Hosaenna for showing faithfulness by keeping her promise to focus on the task at hand and to not talk to those around her.

Year Five

Alex for showing faithfulness in his school work, including his homework. Keep up the excellent effort!

Kieran for demonstrating faithfulness to his classmates inside and outside of the classroom. And for trying even when Maths is challenging. Keep up the wonderful effort!

Year Six

Year six for their excellent effort in pulling together an informative and entertaining class assembly in such a short time

Caleb for his starring role in the year six assembly and directing the sketch within the performance

Lily for showing persistence in her learning and continuing with tasks even when they are tough

Trophies were also presented to the following classes for 100% Punctuality:

100% Punctuality

Year Two and Year Six

This week’s house point totals are:









On a final note, the children have come home today with the certificates for their daffodils. For a full list of the awards please view our website.

Kind regards

Mrs Warland

Head Teacher