Wednesday 1st April 2020

Hello everyone hope you are doing well. Over the next few days I will be phoning you to see how you are doing.


Today you will need a wooden spoon or a metal spoon.

You need to use the spoon to explore stroking and tapping objects around your kitchen, for example, a wooden board, a sieve and pots and pans. I want you to notice what they sound like and how the sounds are different. 

Ask your child which was their favourite sound?

Next you or your child can act as the conductor, and they tap the objects -when you raise your hand high the sound should get higher and when you lower your hand the sound should get softer and quieter.

Good Luck!



Today we will be looking at time. Can you answer the following questions: 

What day is it today?

what day was it yesterday?

what day will it be tomorrow?

Can you sing the days of the week song that we  hve been learning in class? If you want to record your self singing the song please do - you can upload your video to our Twitter, Facebook or Instagram pages

Can you use a timer, phone or a clock to measure a short period of time?

Can you count for 10 seconds?  Did you keep up with the timer?
Can you count for 20 seconds? Was it the same as the timer?
Understanding the World
Today we will be learning all about dissolving 
Which solids dissolve in water? – Science Experiments for Kids
You will need:
Several clear water containers for example, a glass
A range of items to test for example, sugar,oil,salt, food colouring and flour
Before dropping each substance into the cup ask your child to guess whether it will dissolve or not? 
Why not take some photos to keep a record of your experimenting!