Wednesday 29th April 2020

Good Morning Children,

Please click on the links below to complete your learning activities for today.



For maths today, please click on the link below and complete Summer 1 lesson 3 Wk2 'Finding Quarters' (2).

Today you will be continuing to find quarters. Remember you can watch the video to help you if you are not sure.

Maths Wednesday 29th April 2020

Also remember to continue working on your SUMDOG challenges. 



For literacy today, please click on the link below where you will be learning how to use the conjunction 'and' to join two simple sentences.

You will also be creating an instruction map to help you begin writing the instructions for making a disgusting sandwich just like Sam's

in your lesson tomorrow. Remember you can stop or pause the video at anytime to write down your answers.

Literacy Wednesday 29th April 2020



For your reading task today, you will be reading a short story called 'On The River' and then you wil answer some questions in your workbook.




For your topic task today, click on the link below and learn all about Dr Martin Luther King Jr. Then complete the activities that follow.

History Wednesday 29th April 2020

Have a great day.