Wednesday 22nd April 2020

Good morning all,

I am sure the online learning has been fun and fulfilling lately.

Answers to the Mind-boggling mysteries are:

  1. Going nowhere fast: A criminal stole a police car while escaping from the police and was now being chased through town.
  2. Care for a drink: She turned the coffee mug around so her friend could use the handle to pick it up

How did you go? I’m sure you got the answers before your parents did.

Today’s learning is action packed.



How is your art work looking? And how did you go with the idioms? Some of them were tricky but I’m sure with the resourceful use of Google you managed to work them out.

We will be continuing the booklet called “Doors – the world of possibilities.” Today, I would like you to complete activity 5 and 6.  These are reading comprehension activities so you will be doing some vocabulary work as your Guided Reading activity below.

Wednesday 22nd April- Literacy



I have set vocabulary work – Extending Vocabulary – on Studyladder for you to complete.  I can see that Six students have attempted work I have set, thank-you to those six – I know you are making the most of this online learning.

Wednesday 22nd April - Guided Reading



Below you will find a selection of Maths related tasks for you to complete today.  Please complete Summer term – Week 1, lesson three.

We have covered angles in a Triangle and know that all angles should equal 180 degrees.

Don't forget to keep up with Mathletics tasks.

Wednesday 22nd April - Maths



We are starting our new Topic: London Life.  In this topic we will be looking geographically at the changing London, with some possible historically reasons for such a change.  Today to start off, we are going to be exploring the River Thames. There will be a series of online lessons.  You will need to be able to access and navigate Google maps (or Google Earth).  So take some time now to play around with that, see if you can locate your house, the school, and a local park you visit for exercise.

Complete lesson one – Whitehall and Downing Street ­– on the River Thames in London website. You will be given a USO login (see the link below) to access these resources.  We will be completing lesson two tomorrow if you wanted a quick sneak peak of that.


Wednesday 22nd April - Topic

Yr 6 login USO


These activities keep your mind active – YouTube PE with Jo to keep your body healthy and active (Thanks Amen for the link)


As always, here are two mind-boggling mysteries:

Mind-boggling mysteries