Wednesday 22nd April 2020

Good Morning Children,

Happy Earth Day!

Today all around the world, people will be celebrate and think about ways in which we can take care of this wonderful planet we live on.

Some of your learning tasks today will be to find out more about Earth Day. Enjoy your day.



For maths today please click on the link below and complete White Rose  Summer 1 Wk1 lesson 3, where you will learn all about

making equal groups by sharing. Remember you can watch the video before you start.

Maths Wednesday 22nd April 2020



For Literacy today please click on the link below and choose one or two activities from your 'Sidney Spider' Talk for writing pack.




For your reading task today you will be reading an information text about Earth Day.

Click on the first link below to find out how Earth Day began.

Earth-Day-2020-reading Then click on the second link to answer questions about what you have read.


To celebrate Earth Day click on the link below and watch the video that tells you all about Earth Day.


Earth Day video 

Then you can get creative by creating a poster to celebrate 'Earth Day' which you can draw in your book.

Try to add in some of the information  from the video about how we can protect the earth, to your poster.

You can send me a picture of your lovely poster by email.

If you want to give yourself a challenge click on the link below to find a sheet to create an 'Earth Day House' on which you have to write your own commitments for looking after the Earth.



Have a lovely day.