Wednesday 22nd April 2020

Hello Everyone! 

I really enjoyed speaking to your parents and checking that you were all doing ok and staying safe.


Today we are going to try and identify hidden sounds and suggest ideas and create new sounds for the story.

The story is called the Noisy Neighbour

Tell your child a a simple story about a noisy neighbour and invite them to join in, 

Begin with Early one morning, the children was fast asleep (ask your child to close their eyes and pretend they are asleep) when all of a sudden they heard a sound from the house next door.

At this point make a noise from behind your back or play an alarm from your phone.

You continue: Wake up children! Whats that noise?

Repeat the story using different sounds e.g snoring, munching cornflakes

Also play this listening game. Can your child guess what is making the noise?

Listening Game



Over the next few days we are going on a colour hunt.

Today lets start with the colour red. How many red items can you find around your house?  

Speaking and listening.

Let's make Bubbles!!!

What colours do you see in the bubbles?

If you could send a bubble of love to someone who would you send to?