Wednesday 20th May 2020

Hello Everyone!

I hope you enjoyed collecting natural items from the activity yesterday, Today I want you to use these items to create something.

The Butterfly in the picture below was created by one of the keyworker children at school.  The face was created by a child in a Nursery class.

If you did not do this yesterday simply  go and collect some nature treasures.

Take a photo of your creations and email them to me at putting my name as the subject line.




Can you count the petals you have collected?

Can you count the amount of leaves?

Can you count the amount of twigs? 

What do you have the most of ?

How many would you have if you added the leaves and the twigs together?



For Literacy  I was thinking about the story Leaf Man. 

Watch the video with your child and then think about where you live and the journey that Leaf man would take if he started at your front door.

Best wishes 
Miss Bagnall