Wednesday 1st April 2020

Good Morning,
How did you go on the Mind-Boggling Mysteries?  I’m sure you solved them with ease.  The answers are as follows:
  1. Take it or leave it – The burglar broke into his own house because he’d accidently locked himself out.
  2. Time is up – The time was flashing, so she knew the power had gone out and come back on.  The clock couldn’t have read 10:21 because clocks reset at 12:00, and that would imply that the power had come on more than ten hours ago.
I will make sure to include two more mind-boggling mysteries at the end of today’s learning. See below for the answers to your guided reading activity from yesterday.
Guided Reading Answers 31/03/20
Let’s jump straight in to our learning.  I am sure you are all warmed up and your brains are switched on.



In literacy, you will be editing your story.  Below is the editing checklist for a narrative.  This time, instead of a peer edit – see if you can find an adult or an older sibling to read through and edit with you.
 I am running out of stories to read, so if you have access, type up your narrative and send in, I would love to read them!
Wednesday 1st April Literacy



For our reading task today, we will be looking at a genre we have not looked at before in class, but you are all familiar with (especially those who have phones).   This task will focus on comprehension questions, word meaning, and brackets. I will be putting the answers up on tomorrows blog.
Wednesday 1st April Guided Reading


Below you will find a selection of Maths related tasks for you to complete today.  Please complete week one, lesson four and five as these are concepts we have reviewed in class several times.
Wednesday 1st April Maths
Don't forget to keep up with the Mathletics tasks. If you have finished those lessons super quickly, check out the cool maths games website link below.
Cool Maths games



Yesterday we conducted an experiment to investigate the effects of exercise on our heart.  Today, let’s analysing these results, along with the benefits that exercise has on your body.
Wednesday 1st April Science 


Mind-Boggling Mysteries.

 As promised, two more Mind-boggling mysteries:

Mind-boggling mysteries