Wednesday 17th June 2020 - Year 1 Home Learning

Good morning Year One,

I hope you are all having a good week and are enjoying this week's activities. 

Below you will find the activities for your home learning today. 



Click on the link below to access today’s maths activity. 

Watch the video on today's theme:  Summer Week 8:  Lesson 3 on 'Make Equal Groups (Sharing).'

Then click on BBC Bitesize next to the video and click on your year group tab to access your work for today. 

Please remember you can rewatch the video as many times as you need to and you can go back to it when you are answering the questions.





Today's lesson is about forming long ladder letters and use them in your writing.  It includes: 

  1. a video introducing you to long ladder letters
  2. three activities to do at home

Click on this link below to go straight to today's activities

long ladder letters




This week we are listening to a new audio story - Zero G by Dan Wells

Click on the link below to continue listening.  Try to listen to 2 chapters each day.   

Then you can discuss them and retell the story so far to someone else in your family.

It’s one kid versus an entire band of space pirates! Zero is just one of 20,000 people aboard a spaceship bound for a new planet.

Different things happen and Zero has to think fast and find a way to stop solve problems!



TOPIC - The Human Body

This lesson is all about the human body and our senses.  It includes:

eight videos about your body and senses

four activities to enhance your learning

Click on this link below to go straight to these videos and  activities. 

We aim to cover these over two days so try to complete some of the work today and then we'll go back to it tomorrow. 

the human body and our senses





Have you recorded a clip of you singing for our online choir project?  

If you haven't yet click on the link below to access the Music Blog and find out more about how to do it.  You can then send it to us on email on




I hope you all enjoy the work that has been set for you today.

Remember that you can always email me any questions at showing ‘Year 1’ in the title.

Have a good day!