Wednesday 13th May 2020

Hello Everyone!

We hope you had lots of fun with your cardboard box activity.  We certainly did,


It has got me thinking about prepositions and how we can use it in our language.

This great for Communication and Language and Maths 


You will need:

  • A soft toy
  • A box or table or chair

To play:

  • Put the soft toy in various places. For example in the box, next to and underneath the box.
  • Model the language for example: Ask where's Teddy? Look, Teddy is under the chair. Teddy is above the chair?
  • Swap over and have you guess where the Teddy is. Encourage your child to use the prepostional language as they lead the game.

When i was  working in school on Monday it was very windy. For today's creative task I would like you to make a kite.


  • Where would you fly your kite?
  • What materials would be best to use?
  • If you could fly your kite anywhere in the world where would you choose?


Have a great day!

Miss Bagnall