Wednesday 10th June 2020

Hello Everyone!

As you aware there was marches at the weekend to end racism and support #Black Lives Matter. 

I found this story online that explains to children the importance of peaceful protest.

This story is about a children's march that took place in Birmingham Alabama in 1963. 


Let the children March

Discuss with your child

  • Why is it important that everybody is treated the same?
  • What should we do if someone is not treated the fairly or the same?
  • If you saw someone being treated unfairly what would do? 

For Mathematics I would like you to try this activity.


You will need:

  • Bottles/containers
  • Pom poms or something to go inside the bottle/containers.

To set up:

  • Label the bottles/ containers with numbers
  • Get your child to order the bottles from smallest to biggest 

To Play:

  • Put the correct amount of pom poms in the containers.

Best Wishes

Miss Bagnall