Tuesday 9th June 2020

Hello Everybody!

As you aware I am teaching in Year Six this week and we are studying the novel Wonder. It is about accepting differences. I think it is an important topic to cover with our children especially in the wake of the events in America and the London protests in support of Black Lives Matter movement. 

Here is a Early years version of the text called We're all Wonders. Click the link below to listen and watch the story.

We're all Wonders



Ask your Child to think about the children in our class and grown ups you know and ask your child the following questions :

  • How are we the same?
  • How are we different?
  • Does it matter that we look different?
  • Talk to your child about what makes them special?
  • What makes your family special?

For Mathematics i would like you to try this shape activity.


You will need:

  • cotton buds
  • felt tips/paint to colour the ends like the picture above

To play:

  • ​Get your child to play with the cotton buds and create shapes
  • Encourage them to have two colours matching when the make their shapes like the example.

Best wishes 

Miss Bagnall