Tuesday 5th May 2020

Hello.  Hope you are well.

I have been thinking a lot about the games I loved as a child and how this can be applied to phonics.

Here is my interpretation of What's Missing? to encourage knowledge of beginning sounds . When your child starts phase 2 phonics they will start with the letters S A T P I N. Why not play with items beginning with the letter S and then the letter A tommorow?


You will need:

  • Five small items (sock, shoe, spaghetti. saucepan, the number six) You could draw these.
  • A tray / table
  • A tea towel / cup to cover the items depending on the size.

To set up:

  • Pop the items onto the tray, then cover it with a tea towel . 

To play:

  • Once your child has found the tray lift the teatowel to reveal the items underneath. Can your child name all the items?
  • Ask them to close their eyes, then remove one item from the tray and put the teatowel back over it.
  • Ask them to open their eyes, then lift the tea towel. Can they work out which item you have removed? If they need to jog their memory, you can name them all together.
  • Once they have figured which item is missing, repeat, removing a different item each time.


For today's Maths and Reading task please look at the picture above

  • How many objects can you name?
  • How many letters of the alphabet can you find?
  • How many eyes can you find ?
  • How many Blue items can you find?
  • How many Red items can you find?

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