Tuesday 31st March 2020

Good Morning Children,

Here are your activities for Today


This term we have been reading 'Traction Man' and, today you are going to be creating your own superhero.

Create your own Superhero

In your book can you create a superhero of your own? Draw then label a picture of your superhero and then write down a description of them.

Here are somethings that you might like to think about when creating your Superhero:

  • What might they wear?
  • What powers might they have?
  • Who might they help or rescue?
  • Do they have any superhero tools?   E.g Wonder Woman has a golden lasso. Bat Man has a Bat Mobile,  Spider Man has his spider web and spider senses.

Here are some examples of Superheroes

Barbara Gordon (Character) - Comic Vine Superman - Wikipedia

Look at their outfits. How do their outfits help them to become superheroes?


Today we are going to continue learning about measures - click on the link below and scroll down to lesson 2 ' 'Measure Mass' 

White Rose Maths - Lesson 2


We all love listening to stories being read aloud - at 11:00 today listento  David Walliams read one of his famous stories by clicking on the image below - don't worry if you're late, the link won't expire!

Reading Books | Education & Learning | Products | YPO

Science Task

Choose another STEM activity to do at home today from the STEM activity sheet in your Home Learning Pack.

Enjoy your day! 
Miss deSouza