Tuesday 31st March 2020

Good Morning,

How did you go on the Challenge?  I hope you all survived and saved your Uncle.

Today will be another busy day of learning with two mind-boggling mysteries at the end (I won’t give you the answers this time – you will have to log in tomorrow for the solutions).  Switch on those brains, stretch those arms and fingers, it is time to do some writing!


In Literacy, you will be writing your draft narrative from the perspective of a character.  Write the narrative in your Exercise book, so we can edit it tomorrow.

Tuesday 31st March Literacy



For our reading task today, we will be focusing on poetry.  The following task will have comprehension questions, vocabulary questions, and a homophone cloze activity.  I will be putting the answers up on tomorrows blog.

Tuesday 31st March Guided Reading.



Below you will find a selection of Maths related tasks for you to complete today. You will need to complete week one, lesson two and three as these are concepts we have reviewed in class several times. Don't foregt to keep up with the Mathletics tasks.

Tuesday 31st March Maths



Let’s get our hearts pumping today and investigate the effects of exercise on our heart.  You will conduct your own experiment or you may choose to experiment on a sibling (all great scientists need a test subject J ).  Tomorrow we will be analysing these results, along with the benefits that exercise has on your body.

Tuesday 31st March Science


Mind-boggling mysteries 

As promised, two Mind-boggling mysteries.  See if you can solve them before looking at the hints.  Share them with your family, see if they can solve the mysteries as well. 

Mind-boggling mystries