Tuesday 30th June 2020

Hello Everybody!

I love reading so today I am going to give you some examples of things I love to do when reading books and some activities you can do with your child after.

Questions about the front cover

Before you read the book look at the front cover together and talk to your child about what they thing the story might me about?

Who might be in the story?

Where do they think the story is set?

What might happen in the story?

Whilst reading 

As you read talk together about the pictures, the characters and what they might be feeling or say.

At the end of the story ask your child whether they enjoyed the story and explain what they liked or did not like

Activities after

Draw an outline of one of the characters, Around the outside write words describing the character and on the inside write about the characters feelings,

Draw a story map of the main events and then retell the story using the story map.


Draw a picture from the story and write a label / caption / sentence to go with it. 

Non Fiction

If the book is a non fiction look at the contents page/ index page

Talk about how to find information.

Find fun facts from the book and make a poster.


For Maths today let's have a go at some breakfast cereal counting.

This is great for matching quanities and the corresponding numeral. 

I have used cheerios for this activity

You will need:

  • Some paper
  • some numbers 
  • a pen
  • something circular to draw around
  • Cereal 

To set up:

  • Draw six circles on the paper
  • have some numbers close by (cut up squares of paper and write numbers onto them)
  • Some cereal in a bowl.

To play:

  • Your child selects a number and places it next to a circle
  • They then count the corresponding amount in cereal
  • You can also put a amount of cereal in a circle and your child will need to find the corrsponding numeral.

Best Wishes

Miss Bagnall