Tuesday 28th April 2020

Good Morning Children,

I hope you enjoyed your lessons yesterday, especially the story of Sam's Sandwich.

Below you will find all the links for your learning tasks today.



For maths today, please click on the link below and complete White Rose Maths Summer 1 lesson 2 Week2.

In this lesson you will be learning about how to find quarters.

Remember to watch the video if you are not sure about anything.

Maths Tuesday 28th April 2020

Also remember to continue working through the SUMDOG challenges.  Click on the image below to go straight to the login page. 




In Literacy today, we will be reminding ourselves about the story we listened to yesterday called Sam's Sandwich

and thinking about how we would write a set of instructions for making our own disgusting sandwich.

Click on the link below, then complete your work in your book.

Remember you can stop the video whenever you need to so that you can write or jot things in your book.

Literacy Tuesday 28th April 2020



For reading today, please click on the links below and read the story called 'The Dragon's Egg'. 

Click on the first link to read the story then click on the second link for the questions. Please write your answers in your book.





For your geography lesson today, You will be taking a look at the U.K and some of its landmarks.

Click on the link below to start your activity.

Geography Tuesday 28th April 2020