Wednesday 24th June

Hello Everybody!

Whilst researching for today's Maths week post I found this great story by Donald Crews called Ten Black Dots and I would like you to try and recreate your own version of the book.


With your child create the pages from the book as the example below:

You could then get your child to Mark Make and change the dots into something else therefore creating your own book .

Try and get your child and get them to write the letters that coressponds to the item they have drawn and attempt the initial sounds of the marks your child has made.

This book also reminds me of a childhood activity I used to enjoy Dot to Dot

You will need :

  • A pen and some paper
  • 5 different shaped toys
  • Some cushions

To set up:

  • Trace around each of the toys in a dot to dot. Use the amount they are able to count to. If they can recognise numbers 1 to 10 use 10 dots and a faint line inbetween.
  • Hide the toys around the room
  • Make a jail with the cushions 

To play:

  • Explain to your child that five of there toys have committed a crime and they are on the run from you the police person, Think of a crime they could commit like eating a biscuit without asking you,  It is  there job to find them and tell them off before putting them in the cushion jail.
  • Tell your child that the toys have left some clues and your child needs to join up the dots to find out which toy committed the crime?
  • To solve the crime they need to recognise the toy and find out where each toy is hiding. if the dot to dot matches the toy is guilty and must be sent to the cushion jail.

Best Wishes 

Miss Bagnall