Tuesday 21st April 2020

Good Morning children,

I hope you enjoyed your first day of the Summer term learning yesterday.

Below you will find all the learning activities I have set for you today. 


For today's maths lesson please click the link below.

Your maths lesson today is lesson 2 of Week1 Summer term. This lesson is all about finding equal groups.

Remember you can watch the video if you are unsure of anything.

Maths Tuesday 21st April 2020


For Literacy please choose one or more of the activities  about Sidney Spider to complete from your literacy pack,

using the link below.

Year 1 Literacy Task


For your reading task today please read the text about 'Toys' in the link below.

Then complete the questions in the second link below, in your excercise book.

Old Toys Reading



For your history task look at the different pictures of toys in the 3 links below. 

Then talk  with your adult about which toy is old and which one is new and how you know.

You can write your answers in your book. 

Toys sheet 1

Toys sheet 2

Toys sheet 3

When you have competed the work above, you can look at the word sheet on the link below and write down

in your book which words would describe old toys and which words would describe new toys.

describing words 

Enjoy your day.