Tuesday 12th May 2020

Good morning children,

I hope you had a new start to the new week.  We are now in Week 4 in the Summer term.

Please click on the links below and find all your learning tasks for today.



Click on the link below to access today’s maths activity. 

Watch the video and then try today’s task:  Summer Week 4:  Lesson 2 on Subtracting numbers within 20

Remember you can go back to the video at any point to write something down or to complete an answer in your workbook.




For literacy today, please click on the link below. This week you are following the story of 'St. George and the Dragon'.

In today’s task we will be drawing our story maps to help us to remember the story of Saint George and the Dragon.

Remember you can stop the video at any time to write something down or to complete the task in your workbook.




Your reading task this week is to listen to the Audiobook ‘Winnie the Pooh’  Everyday then retell that part of the story to someone else in your family.




For our final activity today, we will be looking at CODING. 

Click on the link below to watch the first video about what Coding is. 

Then try Activity 1 - Help Crash and Boot and their robot Dogg-I find things that can be programmed with code. 



I hope you all enjoy the work I set for you today. Remember that you can always email me any questions at admin@sjtdprimary.org.uk showing ‘Year 1’ in the title.

Have a great day!