Thursday 9th April 2020 - Easter Activities

Family Tree

As we approach Easter it's a good time to reflect and think of all the things that we are grateful for. Today I want you to think about your family who look after you, love and care for you, and I'd like you to make your family tree.

Ask a grown up to help you draw a tree, like the one in the image below and then write the names of all your family members on the tree. If you have some ink or paint at home then you can finger-print the leaves, but if not you can simply draw and colour them. 

Once you have completed your tree - I want you to spend some time quietly thinking about your family, thanking God for them and thinking of ways in which you can show them that you love them this Easter. You will have to be creative as you may not be able to see them. 

I hope that you all have a restful Easter Weekend and I will be back intouch next Tuesday. 


Miss deSouza