Thursday 7th May 2020

Hello Everyone ! 

As you are aware I am home schooling and one of our most favourite activities set by my daughter's teacher has been to cook.

As you know I am not the greatest cook so we made a packet mix and documented each step.

This was great for promoting mathematical skills as we followed the recipe and used our literacy skills as we looked back at the photos and captioned each one.  I can't wait to hear and see about your cooking creations. 

Please  send your photo's to putting my name into the subject line. 


The picture below is Mia counting out Six tablespoons of oil.

She also counted out the chocolate buttons and we had a dicussion capactity as we poured the mixture into cake tins.



I have been feeling grumpy and I have been thinking of a book that always puts a smile on my face again.


Misery Moo is fed up, Infact, she is always fed up. Her friend, Lamby Poo tries to cheer her up: "Be happy" But nothing will bring a smile to Misery Moo's long face. The day comes when Lamby Poo is so miserable that Misery Moo is forced to do something about it. 

I have deliberately chosen a podcast version as I want you to do some drawing after and test your listening skills.

Misery Moo Radio Podcast.

  • What does Lamby Poo say to Misery Moo?
  • What did Lamby Poo do to make Misery Moo Smile ?
  • What does Misery Moo dislike about Christmas
  • Why did the Cow look for Lamby Poo?
  • What did the Misery Moo throw for Lamby to make her feel better?
  • If you could do something to make your friend feel better what would you do?

Understanding the world


Best wishes 

Miss Bagnall