Thursday 4th June 2020

Hello Everyone!

Today's task has been inspired by my daughter who wanted to make a shop.

This is great for Mathematical Development as the children can decide on prices on the items they want to sell.

Also for Speaking and Listening as you can roleplay.

You will need:

  • A pen and paper
  • Some carrier bags
  • Five soft toys
  • Some items to sell

To set up:

  • On a piece of paper draw a shopping list by sketching three items that you want to buy from the shop. 
  • Draw one of the toys at the top of the page.
  • Repeat for each toy. These are the toys Shopping lists.
  • Set the toys out in a line as if the were queueing 
  • Set up the items to sell like a shop display.
  • To extend why not add some price labels using numbers 1 to 10 also you could use a pence or pound sign.

To play:

  • Explain that the toys have come to your shop but they have already have their shopping list.
  • Let your child pick the toy they want and wait for them to find their items to buy.
  • Repeat with all the toys.
  • Then try with your child being the shop's Customer Services Assistant or Cashier. (shop keeper)

For Literacy I have been thinking about my favourite story about using money and shopping.

The great pet sale

  • What animals could you buy starting with the P for 5p?
  • Why does the rat suggest as the boy buys something with the letter R?
  • How much does the Komondo Dragon cost?
  • What does the Boy buy in the end with his £1?

Best Wishes

Miss Bagnall