Thursday 30th April 2020

Hello Everyone!

What a horrible change to the weather!  hopefully the sun will have his hat on again.

For today's activity we are going to play a matching game by doing a Name Match.

You will need:

  • a pen
  • some paper
  • scissors 
  • a bowl

To set up :

  • Write your name on a piece of paper twice. (X2)
  • Write your child'd name twice (x2)
  • Cut out one of each name into individual letters.
  • Fold the letters up and pop one of each name into individual letters.
  • leave the complete names nearby

To play:

  • Take it in turns to pull a letter from the bowl.
  • Match it to the letters of complete names
  • keep going until both names are spelled out. 



Did you know that the Gruffalo is a rhyming story?



Here is Julia Donaldson and her Husband performing the Gruffalo Song.

Can you do some of the actions?

Gruffalo song performed by Julia Donaldson