Thursday 2nd April 2020

Good Morning,

Only two more days until the Easter Holidays, YAY!

Don’t worry I have you covered - there will be plenty of fun activities during next week’s blog posts.

How did you go on the Mind-Boggling Mysteries?  I hope you solved them before your parents did.  The answers are as follows:

  1.  At the bus stop – Allison lived across the street from her school.  The bus was dropping kids off and not picking them up. (I would have accepted that she lived down the road from the school as well)
  2. Lost and not found – The man was visiting the UK from a different country. His chess set was missing a pawn, and he assumed a pawnshop sold pawns!

I will make sure to include two more mind-boggling mysteries at the end of today’s learning. See below for the answers to your guided reading activity

Guided Reading Answers -Wednesday

Warm up those brains and fingers ready for another busy day of learning.


Since we have explored the narrative structure over the course of this term, it is time to put those creative skills to the test.  Below is a picture stimulus with several different activities.  You do not have to write anything but your final story based on the picture.  Use the ‘question time’ to prompt your story ideas, and ‘sentence challenge’ to practice your multi-clause sentences.     Get creative, go wild with those ideas, be as silly or unbelievable as possible.

Thursday 2nd April Literacy


For our reading task today, we will have one final consolidation task based on our science learning – the circulatory system.

Thursday 2nd April Guided Reading


Below you will find a selection of Maths related tasks for you to complete today.  Please complete week two, lesson one, and two as these are concepts we have reviewed in class several times.

 Don't forget to keep up with Mathletics tasks.

 Thursday 2nd April Maths

 If you have finished those lessons super quickly, check out the cool maths games website link below. I hope you are enjoying them.

Cool Maths games


Over the course of today and tomorrow we will be consolidating our learning of the Tudor England.  Today you will design your own fashionable clothing to be worn in King Henry VII court.

Thursday 2nd April Topic


As promised, two more Mind-boggling mysteries: