Thursday 2nd April 2020

Good Morning class,

I hope you enjoyed completing the activities on our blog post yesterday.

Today there are some  new activities for you to do, just click on each of the links below.


Today you are going to complete some more work from the White Rose Maths site.

Yesterday you compared mass,  today you are going to find out more about capacity and volume. Can you remember what capacity means?  If you are not sure, watch the video before completing the activity.

Thursday 2nd April math activity



Today you are going to be looking at a picture called 'By The River'

Look carefully at the picture, discuss what you can see with your adult and then answer my questions by clicking on the link below. 

By the River - Questions for you to answer



Read the following poem by Jessica McDonald.

Can you create actions to go with the poem and then perform it for your grown up?

                                                                     ALL OF ME

                                                    My hands are for clapping

                                                    My arms can hug tight

                                                    My fingers can snap

                                                    Or can turn on the light


                                                   My legs are for jumping

                                                   My eyes help me see

                                                   This is my body,

                                                   And I love all of me.



In class we learned about the U.K  Watch the short video in the link below and follow Freya's uncle around the U.K.

Thursday 2nd April 2020 Geography

What landmarks did Freya's uncle visit in each country?  

What was the weather like in London when Freya's uncle visited?

What is the tallest mountain in Wales?

Can you name the capital cities of each country in the U.K?  Take the test at the end of the page to see how much you can remember.