Thursday 2nd April 2020

Hello everybody,

it was so lovely to speak to so many of you over the phone - thank you!


Today we are going to try and discriminate between loud and quiet sounds.

To do this we will play a game with a soft toy.


Your child (the rescuer) needs you to hide their teddy bear in the room.

You will be the guide and guide them to rescue the teddy bear by singing louder as they get closer to the bear and quieter as they move further away from the teddy bear.

Alternatively, you can lead your child in a familar song such as 'wind the bobin up' getting louder or singer in a softer voice to guide them.



A parent asked if their were  tablet friendly maths games that their child could use at home. There are many different sites that the children can access, most of them free during this period of school closure. 

Today I am posting a link to a game that the children have used in school before. Click on the image below to access the counting teddy game by Top Marks. 

There are lots of fabulous games on this site but rememember to select the games aimed at children 3-5 years old.


Speaking and listening

Sing the rhyme five little monkeys

Five little monkeys jumping on the bed

One fell off and bumped his head

Mummy called the doctor and the doctor said 

"No more monkeys jumping on the bed!"



When you have sung the song ask your chidren the follwoing questions: 

Do you know the actions? Could you make up your own?

What do we know about the doctors?

What do we know about the monkeys?