Thursday 14th May 2020

Good morning,

The answers for yesterday’s mind-boggling mysteries are:

  1. Knock on wood: The gang had a certain number of members.  He’d waited too long, and everyone was already inside.
  2. Return mail: Even though we live across town from one another, our post office boxes are right next to each other.

Here are the guided reading answers for yesterday:

Guided Reading-Answers

Switch on those brains ready for today’s learning.



Today and tomorrow will be something different for Literacy.  We are going to be focusing on our speaking and listening skills – this is something we don’t often do in year Six but I feel would be beneficial as a revision activity.  You will need to use your USO logins.

Today I would like to focus on three tasks – Language Variation, Model Bank, Debate and Discussion

Thursday 14th May - Literacy



Since we are looking at London in our topic – I thought it would be nice to revisit the Great Fire of London as it changed the London landscape significantly and permanently.

Thursday 14th May-Guided Reading




Below you will find a selection of Maths related tasks for you to complete today.  Please complete Summer term – Week four, Lesson four – Fractions of Amounts.  You can watch the instruction video first, then click on BBC Bitesize next to the video and click on your year group tab to access your work for today. 

Again this should be a revision for you. Ask for Parent or sibling to write you some questions around finding fractions of amounts – if you are up for the challenge.


Once you have finished that login to Mathletics.

Thursday 14th May - Maths



I would like for you to use Google Maps to label the boroughs of London.  You do not have to print out the map – you could just trace it from your computer to try drawing it free hand.

Thursday 14th May -Topic


Keep up with keeping fit and healthy with PE with Jo.


Here are today’s Mind-boggling Mysteries for today.

Mind-boggling Mysteries