Thursday 11th June 2020

Good morning.

Answers to the Mind-boggling Mysteries:

  1. Sensory Deprivation: The man is inside an elevator.  He is able to sense the sudden change in elevation when his stomach drops.
  2. Cold Feet:  Susie was tired of forgetting her school lunch, so she put something in the refrigerator that she couldn’t leave the house without.

How did you go – I never would have guessed the first one.

Switch on those brains ready for today’s learning.



We are going to continue with ‘The Gadgets Workbook.

Today I would like you to continue with activity eight (planning); nine (talking your plan through); and ten (Writing your advert).  When writing your advert – make sure you use the techniques you learnt whilst doing this booklet.  Also, you may like to do it on PowerPoint using pictures and fonts to make it look appealing.

Monday 8th June-Literacy



Let’s continue analysing the image: European Refugee. Today, we are going to have some fun – completing a crossword.  

Thursday 11th June-Guided Reading




Below you will find a selection of Maths related tasks for you to complete today.  Please complete Summer term – Week 7, Lesson 4 – Solve simple one step equations.  I have also attached a worksheet to complete in your exercise book.  This is revision so you will be able to complete it fairly quickly.


Once you have finished that login to Mathletics.


Thursday 11th June - Maths

Thursday 11th June-Maths Worksheet



Yesterday you revisited invertebrates that use exoskeletons.  How many of you YouTubed video of animals shedding their exoskeletons (One word really – gross, but I just couldn't tear my eyes away).

Today we will be revisiting vertebrates and how these animals are adapted to protect themselves.  There are activities to complete on the end of the information sheets  to complete.

Thursday 11th June-Science


Here are today’s Mind-boggling Mysteries:

Mind-boggling Mysteries




This week we are embarking on a new and exciting project at St John the Divine. 

This is to put together an online choir performance of the children from different year groups.

Mr Postles has put a new Blog on the Music page about this.  You can access the Music Blog from the same place you access this page every day of use this link below to go straight there: 


Music Blog


In order to make this happen, all you need to do is to record the child singing along to one (or all three!) of the songs chosen for this project. There are a few things we need to get right, so please refer to the information on the blog!

To see Mr Postles explain the information in a video, please follow this link: 


Music Information



Keep up with keeping fit and healthy with PE with Jo.


Happy learning and see you tomorrow J