Thurday 25th June 2020

Hello Everyone!

Hope you are well with the weather being a lot nicer today's blog will focus on Outdoor Maths.

On the theme of games I loved as a child I remember playing What's the time Mr Wolf ? outside.

It is also great for exploring time and quanity.


To play you need to choose someone to be the wolf and this person calls out the time.

The other person stands a few metres away and responds to the time the person playing the wolf calls out a number on the clock 1 to 12. For example 3 o'clock,

The person who is not the wolf takes the amount of steps and  the person has called out. In this example they would take three steps forward.

As they approach the wolf the wolf decides to shout "Dinner time". They then chase the person to attempt to catch them.

Repeat swapping the roles. Get your child to make sure they are stepping the quanity the wolf is shouting,

After playing get your child to look at an Analog Clock and see if they can tell the time in O'clock.


This activity is lovely to do when you are outside or in the local park.

Make all the numbers 1 to 10  using different natural objects; leaves, bark, flowers, stones, sticks ... be creative,

Choose a number. Can you count out different sets of objects to fit this number?

This is great for seeing numbers represented in different ways.

Finally why not try a outdoor shape hunt?

What shapes will you find?

Best Wishes 

Miss Bagnall