School Development Plan

Our School Development Plan (SDP) outlines our long term, strategic priorities alongside our focus for improvement for the current academic year. 

Our Priorities for 2018 -2019

  • Leadership and Management
    • To share and promote the renewed vision for the school
    • Build leadership capacity at all levels, including governance, so that all leaders demonstrate deep and accurate understanding of the school’s effectiveness, informed by the views of the pupils, parents and staff. Leaders will use this knowledge to further improve provision by focusing on the impact of actions in key areas./ allowing all pupils to excel.
  • Achievement
    • To ensure that all children, including higher attaining children, maintain standards making expected or better than expected progress and achieve inline, or above, National expectations
  • Teaching and Learning
    • To develop a shared approach to teaching and learning (through the use of peer observation, coaching and collaboration across the cluster) so that teaching is never less than good
    • To strengthen internal tracking systems and intervention planning, and to extend moderation to include all subjects, ensuring effective provision that meets the needs of all children
  • Literacy
    • To raise standards in both reading and writing across the school resulting in expected or better than expected standards combined, across all year groups
  • Curriculum Development
    • To embed the connected curriculum ensuring full coverage, progression of skills and knowledge across year groups, for all subjects
  • Personal Development, Behaviour and Welfare 
    • To embed Growth Mindset practice across the school to ensure that all children are independent, self-assured learners who show a commitment to their learning and resilience and determination in the face of challenge
  • EYFS
    • To ensure high quality provision and interaction, fostering child-led learning through Teaching in the Moment, resulting in improved outcomes at the end of EYFS
  • Christian Distinctiveness
    • To extend the role of the school’s Faith group and worship leaders so that pupils are involved in planning the wider programme and not only special services 

School Development Plan Feedback / Suggestions

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