School Development Plan

Our School Development Plan (SDP) outlines our long term, strategic priorities alongside our focus for improvement for the current academic year. 

The SDP is based on our mission statement, core values and our aim to ensure that every child is able to fulfil their God given potential. 

Our key priorities for 2017 -2018 are as follows: 

  • Attainment – EYFS 85% pupils attain a GLD and at least 20% exceed in R,W, M – Year Two at least 90% of pupils achieve the expected standard or above in R,W, M and Grammar – Year Six at least 80% of pupils achieve the expected standard or above in R,W, M and Grammar
  • Quality of Teaching – Ensure that the quality of teaching is never less than good in all phases, generating high levels of commitment to learning across the school
  • Progress of Pupils – Identify and provide for the learning needs of all pupils so that they make sustained and substantial progress across the curriculum, close remaining gaps. Embed challenge across the curriculum for all pupil groups, in all curriculum areas
  • Literacy – To improve staff subject knowledge, teaching, learning and the assessment of literacy
  • Behaviour and Safety – Continue to develop behaviour for learning so that pupils value and respect themselves, and live out the Christian values of our school and ensure that the level of attendance remains above 97% and reduce lateness
  • EYFS –  To enhance levels of engagement & behaviour through the development of child-lead learning and staff CPD
  • CPD  To ensure staff training is purposeful, related to school priorities and to develop the role of middle leaders / subject leaders
  • Community Development -  To establish wider participation in the life of the school through developing a shared sense of purpose & common vision of achieving the best outcomes for all  children

We welcome your feedback on our progress towards the action points above, together with suggestions for actions you would like included in the 2018 - 2019 SDP. 

You can share your views with a member of our office team or by completing the form below. 

School Development Plan Feedback / Suggestions

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