Monday 8th June 2020

Hello Everybody!

For Literacy today I am going to share with you my favourite story about a family gathering.

It also has some great lanuage patterns. 


So much!

I have included some Mark making activity ideas below for you to complete with your child.

  • There is a birthday party going on in the story can you make a Birthday card for a family member?
  • Can you draw a family portrait? Can you write the name of the family memebers you have drawn?
  • Have a pretend Birthday tea party with your favourite toys as guests.
  • Write Birthday invitations for the people you would like to invite to your party.

For Mathematics today I would like you to have a go at coin rubbing.

This can be done with a pencil or crayons. Simply give your child a selection of coins and paper.

Place the coin underneath and rub the pencil on the top of the paper leaving a rubbing.

Can your child spot the numbers on the coins?

Can your child match the coin with their rubbing?

Best wishes 

Miss Bagnall