Monday 6th April 2020 - Easter Activities

Good Morning Everyone, 

Welcome to the Easter Holiday. Over the next two weeks I will be posting you an activity to try out at home. Have fun today, making an Eatser Bunny...if you don't have all of the resources, worry not, you can improvise!

You will need:

  • A4 paper - Pink or white
  • Scrap paper – black and white or you can use colouring pencils.
  • Glue stick



  • Take a sheet of pink or white A4 paper and fold it length ways 2/3 of the way past the centre.
  • Fold the top 1/3 down to lap over the other folded edge.
  • Apply glue both to the top fold and at the top of the bottom fold and glue together. You should now have a rectangle with openings at both ends.
  • Fold the rectangle in half from top to bottom making a firm crease.
  • Take one half of the folded rectangle and fold it back on itself so that you form a square.
  • Turn the paper over and fold the last flap back on itself so you have a square. You can now insert your fingers into the spaces and start moving what will be the bunny rabbit’s mouth.
  •  On one side of the opening place two small white circles at the bottom edge side by side.
  •  Then colour in an even smaller white circle, pink. Glue this on top of the two white circles in the centre. You now have the bunny mouth and nose.
  • Next cut out two more white circles and two black circles slightly smaller to make the eyes. Glue these set apart slightly in the centre of the square. You now have the face.
  • Fold a small rectangle of pink paper and cut out the bunny ears.
  • Cut out another rectangle of paper this time white and cut out another set of bunny ears, slightly smaller as this is for the inner parts of the ears. Glue the white parts to the centre of the pink outer parts.
  • Fold the ends of the ears and glue them to the top corners of the square.
  • Cut out a small U shape of white paper and glue it on the bottom inside of the flap opening.
  • Cut a small square of white paper about 2cm fold this into a rectangle and then cut a small slit along the creased side half way up. Then cut the bottom edges into a curved shape this will make the rabbits teeth. Fold the top edge of the paper and then glue this to the bottom edge of the side with the rabbit’s face.

You have now made your bunny puppet. Enjoy!

If you want to watch thevideo - click on the image below.