Monday 29th June 2020

Hello Everybody!

I really hope you are well. We are having a focus on religion today, 

To start with I would like you to discuss your own faith and belief with your child. What do you do as a family to worship?

 Today the story is a religious story because the 29th June is the feast day of St Peter and St Paul who are two important saints in the early church. I have included a link for a story of Peter and an additional one for the story of Paul.






  • What was Paul's original name?
  • What was Paul like in the beginning of the story and how did he change?
  • How did Paul spread the message of Christianity?
  • Why is Saint Peter so important to the Early church?
  • Get your child to help you write a prayer

For Maths today I would like you to try this a maths scavenger hunt.

I have given you an example but why not create your own creating your own by creating your own checklist with things around your home.

Can you find a square?

A circle?

The number 5?

A double digit number?

Something that tells the time?

For extra fun why not add a timer or a competition.

Who will be the first person to find?

How many items can you find in a minute?


Best wishes 

Miss Bagnall