Monday 27th April 2020

Welcome two week 2!


I hope you all logged in to SumDog Contest, and that we will be ahead of year 4 before we know it!

Ready for some more fun-filled learning!



I am sure your story plans are amazing!

Today you will be writing up those plans into a portal fantasy story. 

See today’s lesson for a reminder of narrative structure and must includes.

Monday 27th April-Literacy

I personally love portal stories -  If you would like to check out some other portal stories: Portal Fantasy 

I’m sure your library might have some as audiobook or ebooks  (download the app: Borrowbox to access your local library online)





Today we will be looking at inference. Complete your answers in your Exercise book.

Monday 27th April-Guided Reading



Below you will find a selection of Maths related tasks for you to complete today. 

Please complete Summer term – Week two, lesson one – angles in special quadrilaterals.

We have covered how to find missing angels in different shapes, so this should be a revision lesson.

Once you have finished that login to Mathletics and SumDog.

Monday 27th April - Maths



Over the next two days we are going to examine adaptation and evolution. These will be research lessons for you to choose an animal and create an adaptation fact file. Today you will just be looking at information to gain a firm understanding of evolutionary adaptation.

 Monday 27th April -Science

 Cacti Adaptation

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Here are your mind-boggling Mysteries.

Mind-boggling Mysteries