Monday 27th April 2020

Good morning children I hope you enjoyed your weekend.

Below  in the different links are all your learning tasks for today. Have fun learning.


For Maths Today please click on the White Rose maths link and complete Summer Wk2 lesson 1 'Finding a half' (2)

Remember if you are not sure about anything please watch the video.

You can also send me screen shots of your work via email.

Maths Monday 27th April 2020

Also remember to carry on working on your challenges on the SUMDOG website.




For your reading task today click on the link below and read the story of a  little fish called 'Tiddler'.

Then answer the questions in your book.




For your literacy task today please click on the link below for Oak National Academy's   Week1 lesson 1 'Sam's Sandwich'.

In this lesson you will complete a phonics task, some spelling, listening to a story and then answering questions.

You can stop the video whenever you need to write down an answer in your book.

Also remember to put the video on full screen so that you can see everything clearly.

Literacy Monday 27th April 2020



For your science lesson today please click on the link below for Oak National Academy's Wk1 foundation lesson.

In this lesson you will be taking a further look at seasons and weather. You will learn to read the temperatures from a weather forecast, think about what clothes you might need for different seasons and even get to see a time laspe video of a snow storm.

Remember you can stop or pause the video at anytime so that you can write your answers in your book.

Science Monday 27th April 2020