Monday 22nd June 2020 - Year 6 Home Learning

Dear all

I hope you had a good weekend and are ready for a new week.  As you know Mrs Burns is now on maternity leave.  She will be very busy in other ways but I’m sure she’ll also be thinking of St John the Divine school and particularly all of you in year 6.   I will continue to set tasks for you here every day, although some tasks may look slightly different. 

I am also hoping to be able to plan a few other things in the coming weeks.  One of these is to have an online session using Google teams.  I would like you therefore to let parents know that we will be sending them an email inviting you to an online meeting.  In the email you will see a link that opens a website when we can meet and have a session to discuss a few things together and see how your learning is going. 

Mr Camilleri

Here are your learning tasks for today. 


For Literacy this week I would like you to start thinking about your time in primary school and start making some notes about each year.   

You can do this by making notes on paper or electronically by typing them on Word.  

Think about each year group you spent at St John the Divine (or in other schools if you were not here from the start)

What are the special memories you will be taking with you from each year you spent at our school? Who was your teacher?  What do you remember from each year group? Topics, trips or other events etc.  Do you remember doing anything special with your friends?  

The idea is to start making notes and some planning today.  Then I would like you to write about two year groups each day.  (eg on Tuesday you will be writing about Nursery and Reception class)

When completed I would like you to send them to me electronically or by mail. 



Click on the link below to access today’s maths activity. 

Watch the video on today's theme:  Summer Week 9:  Lesson 1 on 'Area and Perimeter.'

Then click on BBC Bitesize next to the video and click on your year group tab to access your work for today. 

Please remember you can rewatch the video as many times as you need to and you can go back to it when you are answering the questions.



You also know that we are currently celebrating LONDON VIRTUAL MATHS WEEK.


There are several things we are taking part in.  Please remember to complete your SUMDOG Challenge (1000 questions)


Here is another link for an interesting project for the London Maths week.  It mixes maths with science to build structures.

I'd be very interested to see pictures of the finished product of this project!!

building a spaghetti tower



For reading his week I'm going to suggest you start listening to the audio story - The Jungle Book by Rudyard Kipling

Click on the link below to start listening.   The book has 24 chapters. Try to listen to 2 or 3 chapters each day so we can finish it over two weeks.   

Keep a notebook while listening to the reading.  Make notes about new vocabulary you can look up later - new words in the text or other powerful words, adjectives, similes etc that you can then use in your writing, including the school memories in the Literacy task above. 

READING - The Jungle book. 



In today's lesson, we visit a key topic of Black Lives Matter given the recent case of George Floyd. The lesson is around creating hope for the future – a future that is not based on the colour of someone's skin but the content of their character. 

Follow the link to the Oak Academy website and press Start to begin the lesson.

Black lives matter

Have a wonderful week. 

Mr Camilleri