Monday 22nd June 2020

Hello Everyone!

It's Maths week! So everyday we will will giving you some ideas of maths ideas you can do with your child at home.

Today I am going to share with you NUMBER Pairs and then explain how it can be extended into a matching game.

You will need:

  • A4 paper or thin card
  • Scissors
  • Pen

To set up:

  • Fold a piece of A4 paper or card three times to give you eight equal rectangles.
  • Cut out the rectangles
  • Write pairs of numbers on the rectangles. So write 1 on two of the rectangles, then write 2 on two of them and so on up to 4
  • Mix the rectangles up and turn them facedown so you can't see the numbers.
  • Play until all the rectangles have gone. If one player gets all the rectangles than the other they win or perhaps you will get two each therefore it will be a draw.

Alternatively create game cards that have a corresponding amount to the number.


For our story today I thought I would share with you my favourite book that involves numbers.



How Big is a million?

  • I wonder what is your favourite number?
  • I wonder what is the biggest number you know?
  • What is the highest number you can up to?
  • I wonder if you can guess how many beans are in a tin of beans?

Best Wishes

Miss Bagnall