Monday 20th April 2020

Hello everyone

I am really missing seeing you and hope you and your family are well.

Today we return to our blog activities and I really hope you are enjoying them.


Today we are looking at contrasts in rhythm speed and loundness.

Roly Poly.

Rehearse this rhyme with actions. (rotating hand over hand) so slowly

(Increase the speed of the actions as you increse the spead of the rhyme)

Now add new verses, such as :


Stamp your feet...faster.

Ask your child to suggest sounds and movements to be incorporated into the song.

Click on the bar below to see an example from Mother Goose Club.

Example of Roly Poly song



Today we will be looking at capacity.

You will need two or three similar containers or vessels.

I did this intially with two and did empty and full.

I then progressed to half full by using two jugs in the bath with my daughter.

Alternatively  you could do this activity using  porridge oats and some bowls.