Monday 1st June

Hello Everybody!

I hope you had a lovely half term!

The game I am suggesting today can be applied to Maths or Phonics and is based on the funfair classic hoopla

You will need:

  • 5 cups
  • 5 letters or numbers (write them on bits of paper) I once used milk bottle tops
  • a hoop ( this could be made from cutting out the centre of a paper plate)

To set up:

  • Pop the cups upside down . Then put the numbers or letters on the top. 

To Play:

  • Let your child try to win the letter or number by throwing the hoop over it
  • For phonics let your child say the letter sound  or for maths let them say the number before or after
  • You could take it in turns and the person with the most letters or numbers wins.

Best wishes 

Miss Bagnall