Monday 15th June 2020

Hello Everyone!

As you can see from the Thinking and Talking task we are looking at money and wellbeing this week.

For today's story I have chosen "Thoose Shoes." It is about a little boy who is desperate for a pair of black high tops with white stripes. But Jeremy's family cannot afford a pair of new shoes , let alone "those shoes" even those his are worn out. The story however, has a touching twist at the end and demonstrates the message "it's better to give than recieve."

Those shoes

  • What is money?
  • Is there anything you would really want to buy if you had some money?
  • How was Jeremy kind in the story?


Today I would like the children to use a tablet or a laptop and play this great game for maths by top marks.

toy shop money game

Alternatively just like we did at home create your own snack bar or shop playing with real money.

Best wishes

Miss Bagnall