Monday 11th May 2020

Hi Everyone. I have lost track of what day of the week it is. 

Today I would like you try an activity I did with my children at the weekend.

Whilst sorting I found lots of photos that I had printed but had not got around to framing or putting in an album.


 My children enjoyed looking at the photos. Then with the extras and duplicates I chopped them up and made puzzles,

To start I just cut them in half and once they got confident I made more complicated puzzles.


Once they have put the photo back together, talk about who it is and do they remember where it was taken,


  • This could be extended into a writing or mark making activity where the children attempt to write the name of the person in the puzzle or draw a picture for them.
  • For Maths can the children count the pieces of the photo puzzle.
  • For phonics can the children say the letter name and initial sound for the person on the photograph.



Understanding of the world


  • Can you make a story up about your rock person?

Best wishes

Stay safe!

Miss Bagnall and family