Monday 30th March 2020

Good morning Nursery, 

I hope you are all well. Below are some fun activities that you can do with your parents today. 

Have fun!


Today we are looking for numbers.

Can you go on a number hunt around yor home?

How many numbers can you find?

How many were two digit numbers?

Have you found any three digit numbers?


Phase 1 Phonics

This week we are thinking about environmental sounds and I would like you all to go on a 'Listening Walk' 

Remind the children about things that good listeners do (e.g. keep quiet, have ears and eyes ready).

 Invite the children to show you how good they are at listening and talk about why listening is important and then encourage your child to listen attentively to the sounds around them 

Talk about the different sounds they can hear, using the sentence starter: "On my listening walk around my kitchen, I heard..."  

and after the walk make a list of all the sounds they can remember. The list can be in words or pictures and can be prompted by replaying sounds recorded on the walk.


Communication and language 

This is Miss Bagnall’s Teddy bear

Can you describe the bear?

Does it look like a Brown bear that lives in a forest?

Do you have a favourite toy at home?

Can you describe it?

Can you draw a picture of your toy?

Can you label your toy? For example, its eyes.


If you have a teddy bear that you would like to share why not upload an image to one of our social media pages, so that you can share this with your friends and we can go on a virtual bearhunt!

See you tomorrow!

Miss Bagnall