Friday 8th May 2020

Good Morning Children,

Please click on the links below to find your learning tasks for today.


For maths today, please click on the link below and complete BBC Bitsize math lesson for The 7th May.

Just like your lesson yesterday you will be learning to 'Add more and count on within 20'. 

Please click on the pictures of the worksheets for the activities and not the words in bold and underlined.

Maths Friday 8th May 2020



For literacy today, please click on the link below and choose one or two activities from your new 'Talk4Writing' pack, 'Pippety Skycap, A Tale of Mischief'.

Please complete your work in your workbook.

Jane Pippety



For your reading task today, please click on the link below, where you will watch two videos to hea'Dianne Buswell reading the story 'Funny Bones by Janet and Allan Ahlberg'. Then your task will be to read some extracts from the story so that you can explore the book, match characters to what they have said and to retell events.

Reading Friday 8th May 2020



For your music lesson today, click on the link below where you will be learning all about 'Percussion and Rhythm' using parts of your body.

Watch the videos and then complete the activities.

Music Friday 8th May 2020

Have a lovely weekend!