Friday 8th May 2020

Hello Everyone !

We have finally made it to Bank Holiday Weekend and I wanted to share that I was exteremely lucky to recieve an email from Maissa's Mum with some of the fabulous cooking activities and many of the blog activities he has been  completing at home and with her permission she has allowed me to share some of them with you. I wonder what your favourite activity you have done with your families at home?




One photograph really caught my eye.  It is the one with the dinosaurs surrounding a cake and made me thing of my favourire Harry and the bucketful of dinosuars book. I have included the link below so you can watch a retelling. After dicuss the questions with an adult.


Harry and the Dinosaurs have a Happy Birthday.

  • What present would you buy for a Dinosaur who was having a birthday party?
  • If you had a Dinosuar come to a birthday party what games would you play?
  • Why did Mr Oakley say he could not have a birthday party?
  • What food would you provide for Herbivores? (non meat eating Dinosuars) and Carnivores (meat eating Dinosuars)? 

Finally because it is VE day I thought we could have a Scavenger Hunt for items that are the same colour as the British flag. 


Stay safe 

Miss Bagnall