Friday 5th June 2020

Good morning and happy Friday,

Here are the answers to the Mind-boggling Mysteries:

  1. No time like the present:  She had to reveal the contents when she passed through an airport security checkpoint.
  2. All washed up: While camping, she did her dishes and laundry by hand with water heated over the fire and then took a bath in the cold lake.

Switch on those brains ready for today’s learning.



Today we will be concluding our focus on Grammar.  Please complete the task and I’m sure you will have no problem improving those boring sentences.

Friday 5th June-Literacy 



There are many people who have raised money for the NHS in recent times.  Today you will read and answer questions on Captain Tom Moore that has raised several million pounds during this pandemic.

Guided Reading-Answers

Friday 5th June-Guided Reading



Below you will find a selection of Maths related tasks for you to complete today. 

Please complete Summer term – Week 6, Lesson 5 – Friday Challenge.  Good luck!


Once you have finished that login to Mathletics.

Friday 5th June - Maths



We will be exploring cubism (made famous by Pablo Picasso) and Abstract expressionism (made famous by Jackson Pollock) today in Art. These forms of art have come out of very different eras and are very interesting to explore.

 Watch the two videos and use your USO logins to create and discuss your own artwork.


Pablo Picasso and Cubism

Abstract Expressionism  

Friday 5th June - Art


Keep up with keeping fit and healthy with PE with Jo.


Have fun this weekend J