Friday 3rd April 2020

Hello everyone!

I hope you are all staying safe and well.


For today's activity you need a selection of noisy items e.g a set of keys, a crisp packet about 6 items in total.  You also need a box or something like a scarf to cover these items. 

Sing the words below to the tune of "Old Mcdonald" but use your own name instead..

Mrs .............................has a box ee i ee io and in that box (or under her scarf) she has a...

stop and ask your child/children to listen as you choose an item and make a noise - don't show the children which item you are using

Your child/children then has to guess what made the sound.

Continue the song, imintating the sounds using your voice e.g with a 'buzz here and a buzz, buzz here'

I have included a video example.

What's in the Box?



Today's activity is a Shape Hunt around your home.

How many triangles can you find?

How many squares can you find?

How many rectangles can you find?

Have you found any 3d shapes such as a cylinder or a cuboid?

Can you take photos of the shapes or draw them in your book? 



Expressive arts and Design

Lots of key workers are using their hands to help others can you draw a picture using your hands. Here are a few examples


I look forward to seeing pictures of your work - thank you for all that you have been posting on line and emailing to me.

Enjoy the weekend and keep washing your hands!