Friday 3rd April 2020

Good Morning children,

We have come to the end of our first week of Home Learning via our blog. I do hope you have enjoyed all of the activities so far. Next week is the Easter Holiday, but worry not, I shall be posting some fun tasks for you to complete at home. 

For all of our activities today, click on the links below.



Today we are continuing our work on capacity. Please complete lesson 5 from the White Rose Maths site following the link below.

Remember if you are not sure about anything you can watch the video first to help you.

Maths Friday 3rd April 2020



Publishers (people who sell books) often want to make books interesting to different people of all ages. So they often change book covers to make people want to buy them more.

Take a look at these book covers of the same book that we have recently read in class. Which one do you like most and Why?

Dogger (Picture Lions), Shirley Hughes, Used; Good Book
Dogger (book) - Wikipedia

Read your favourite book.    

Why do you like this book the most?  Imagine you wanted someone else to be as interested in your book as you are.

In your work book create a new front cover for your favourite book so that it would make someone else want to read it.

You might write a caption about the main character on your front cover just like in the first example of  'Dogger'.



On Wednesday we started to think about the new season we are in can you remember what it is? You had to write down some of the things you might do or wear during this season.

You remember - it is Summer!

Today I want you to write a poem all about summer in your book.

Think about the things you might do in summer to help you, such as: splishing and splashing in the sea, eating melting ice- creams.

Use the poem below, written by Sarah Griffin, to inspire you...

                                                                                   Summer, Summer

                                                                                   I'm so glad your here!    

                                                                                   Summer, Summer

                                                                                    Let's give a cheer!

                                                                                  Summer, Summer

                                                                                   I'll meet you at the park

                                                                                  Summer, Summer

                                                                                  Let's stay up till  dark!                     


Arts and Craft

This week we have been drawing and writing about Superheroes to finish of our task here is a fun activity to make your own superhero cuffs using junk modelling. Click on the image below to find out how and 'May the force be with you'.

superhero cardboard cuffs DIY | Manualidades de superhéroes ...

Have fun! Remember, you can share your learning on our Twitter, Facebook and Instagram page - or you can send me an email at I'd love to see what you produce

See you next week.