Friday 26th June 2020

Hello Everybody!

I hope you have enjoyed Maths week. I have certainly enjoyed thinking about how we use Maths everyday.

Don't forget to enter the poster competition on our this week's Thinking and Talking Task.

The task is to think of a slogan you could use to show why maths is important for everyone.  Your entry must on A4 paper and could be posted to the school or a photo could be sent to

For our task today I would like us to have a go at problem solving. Watch the story and then answer the questions with your child. Top tip draw a diagram of the amount.

Centipede's 100 shoes

  • The Centipede has 4 shoes and puts on 1 more. How many shoes is he wearing?
  • The Centipede has 2 shoes and it's his birthday he recieves 5 more. How many shoes does he have now?
  • The Centipede has 10 shoes. After he put his shoes in boxes he has 2 left over. How many boxes does he have? 
  • The Centipede had 9 shoes. Some shoes were too tight bit 4 shoes were comfortable, How many shoes were to tight?
  • The Centipede took off 6 shoes before he took a break. He took off some more shoes. He took 10 shoes altogether. How many shoes did he take off after his break?



Today's activity is called Number Jump

You can make a number line on the floor or onto the wall and bounce a ball to see what number it bounces closet to or lands on.  This can be drawn with chalk or like the example above tape and paper for the markers. 

Can your child recognise the number that the ball has landed on and then do the amount in jumps.

So if your child's ball lands on 8 they would need to take 8 jumps.

Best Wishes

Miss Bagnall