Friday 22nd May 2020

Hello Everybody!

To finish this week I would like you to play a Maths game inspired by my favourite Mini beast the spider.

The game is called the Spider's Web.

You will need:

  • A pen and some paper

To set up:

  • Write consecutive numbers randomly all over the page, then circle them. I did 1 to 20 but recommend starting with 1 to 10.

To play:

  • Ask your your child to spot the number 1. 
  • Ask them "What comes next ?"  when they say "two" draw a lone between the 1 and 2.
  • Can they find the next number? Make it seem tricky and funny as the lines criss-cross across the page.
  • If they don't know the next number at any point, start counting from one again.
  • Once you have made your web draw another page of numbers and hand them the paper. Let them try and join the dots and create a wobbly web.

Please note this can be adapted if you have older children to use times tables amd you get them to count backwards or count in twos, fives and tens.


Aaaarrgh Spider ! by Linda Monks

  • Would you like a Spider as a pet?
  • Why did the spider say the other pets were not clean?
  • What would you do if you had eight legs?
  • Are you afraid of spiders? Why are you afraid? Why are you not afraid?
  • If you had a spider in your house who would catch it?

Expressive Arts and Design

Best wishes

Miss Bagnall